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UHS is an innovative construction company with a senior management team that has deep industry expertise in operating businesses, building homes and designing construction systems.

UHS has developed and patented a modular walling system called the ‘U’Panel – a low-cost walling solution with superior features to double brick, brick veneer and clad framework.

A specialist intellectual asset advisory firm has placed a Tech Rating of B on the ‘U’Panel system – a high rating for technology that has not yet established a market presence. The Tech Rating is a gauge of the earnings capability and risk profile of technology.

For builders and developers, the appeal of the ‘U’Panel system is its ability to reduce build time by 75% (compared to bricklaying), creating cost efficiencies through faster installation times, without the need for skilled labour. Builders have reacted extremely positively to this innovative product.

UHS plans to manufacture, distribute and sell the ‘U’Panel system from their plant in NSW. Installation will be offered as a secondary service. Having already tested the initial production line, management is confident about manufacturing costs and capabilities.

Rapid market penetration across Australia is expected to be achieved through product differentiation, a pricing strategy that is highly attractive to builders, and the development of a comprehensive sales and marketing program.

UHS’s senior management team is composed of three experts in the building and construction industry. With deep experience in operating successful businesses, building homes and innovating construction systems, UHS is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to dominate the market.

Managing Director – Daniel Ward

Mr Ward has in excess of 20 years’ experience in owning, operating and building his own businesses. With the experience of many successful new business start-ups and partnerships in the past 20 years, Daniel is well placed to guide Ultimate Housing Solutions through all growth phases, and continue drive it to a position of sustainable success in coming years.

Partner (Engineering and Innovation) – Sam Samarasinghe

Dr Samarasinghe is experienced in developing innovating building systems for clients who are creating the building platforms of the future. Previously a manager at the CSIRO, Dr Samarasinghe is widely recognised as an expert in building structural performance, having published over 100 scientific papers in the field. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) with first class honours, a Masters of Engineering (Structural Engineering), and a PhD in Structural Engineering in the United Kingdom.

Partner (Sales and Technical) – Darren Schultz

Mr Schultz has worked in the building industry for over 37 years. Building over 500 houses for large builders in Sydney this has given him great understanding of project home building. Darren also has experience building in remote areas after working with Aboriginal communities on projects on islands off the top of Darwin.Darren worked for Fitness First Australia in the development division responsible for building 90 clubs averaging build costs of 5 to 7 million each club, he has a good vision on large projects and the management skills to be able to roll out that many projects.For the last 8 years he has worked closely with his other partners of UHS on the U-Panel, he believes that this system is truly unique based on his vast understanding of the different types of wall systems that are currently on the market today.

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UHS is an innovative construction company with a senior management team that has deep industry expertise in operating businesses, building homes and designing construction systems.

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